Se Busca™ Mezcal

Our Hearts Beat For A Revolution

Se Busca™  which means ‘wanted’ in Spanish is a tribute to the brave women of the Mexican Revolution who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in battle for a new constitution. As unapologetic as a mezcal, these women were the outlaws of their time where they earned the titles of Adelitas and Soldaderas. Se Busca is our tribute to their battle cry that proved that in every revolution there is love.

The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl mexcalli which means “oven-cooked agave” and this beverage represents the history, culture and diversity of Mexico. Se Busca is a super-premium mezcal made from 100% Agave Augustifolia Espadin produced in San Juan del Rio a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico at an unnamed distillery that’s known by the family that has overseen the artisanal production process for generations. Balancing rich cooked agave, gunpowder and mesquite, maestros mezcaleros Rodolfo and Mary Lopez Sosa handcrafted this mezcal to embody the rebel spirit of the women of the Mexican Revolution, earning the title “Se Busca”.

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Cooked agave and mesquite on the nose, this young mezcal opens with a palate of nuts, fruit and green vegetables and lands in a sweet, weighted finish with a mellow spicy kick.

Reposado – Aged 4 Months in French Oak Barrels

Sweeter notes are found in this aged mezcal. Coconut, sweet almond and hazelnut can be uncovered in this complex spirit that expertly intertwines with notes of oak, cereal and mesquite delivering a rebellious bouquet.

Anejo – Aged 18 Months in French Oak Barrels

A perfected balance of rich agave and mesquite this aged mezcal delivers a vigorous palate of sweet oak, dates and raisins and lands in an explosion of green vegetables and spicy cooked agave with a long-textured finish.

Madre Cuishe – Agave matured 12-15 Years

Only fully grown and wild-harvested Madre Cuishe maguey from Oaxaca are used to make this mezcal. After roasting the pinas in an earthen pit, we crush them with a tahona stone before double-distilling in traditional copper-pot stills. As part of our sustainability effort, we replant 2 wild magueys for every harvested pina.