In days when the old was quickly replaced by the new, Achaval Ferrer decided to preserve the legacy of time. Today, the legacy is still treasured. Keeping the DNA of centennial vines intact and combining wisdom with passion, we create wines that express the magic of the exceptional terroir they come from. That’s what we do, because no one is more experienced than time or wiser than nature.

Respect for the terroir and minimum intervention

Since its origins, the winery has followed a clear pathway traced by commitment with and respect for nature. Achaval Ferrer bases its winemaking on fundamental pillars and a minimal intervention principle from the vine to the wine.


Our pillars

Ours are centennial, own-rooted vines, extremely low in yield; they’re historical monuments to viticulture located on sun-drenched mountainsides irrigated by rivers Tunuyán and Mendoza. These are natural, privileged sites carefully treated to obtain the purest and most honest messages our soils can convey.

1 – Centennial vines, new gems.
The older the species, the more they produce. Only a local sage can pass on such a legacy.

2 – Low yield, high concentration.
They produce more concentrated, complex and lively fruits thanks to a set of techniques including pruning and thinning.

3 – Minimum intervention, maximum expression.
We respect and preserve the terroir and its messages all throughout the winemaking process, obtaining pure, highly expressive wines.