elit™ Vodka

Freeze Filtered at -18 °C for the Ultimate in Perfection

Created in 2003 with single-source grain harvested at our Kerschinskoye Estate in Tambov, Russia, and using cutting-edge technology inspired by ancient vodka-making traditions, elit™ pushes the limits of what it means to be a vodka. With a platinum score of 97-points from the Beverage Tasting Institute, elit vodka is one of the world’s highest-rated white spirits.

Our Lands

The story begins at our single-estate in Russia’s Tambov region. This envied land was chosen specifically for its fertile black soil – an idyllic environment for growing ultra-high quality grain.

Single Source Grain

Each harvest of grain is carefully inspected before it is accepted into the distillery. Then, they are slowly fermented before being distilled three times to create a spirit so pure that no traces of methanol can be found.

Mineral Rich Waters

The distilled spirit travels to the famed Latvijas Balzams facility in Riga, Latvia where it is blended with artesian well waters from deep below the earth.


The spirit is then filtered through super-fine quartz sand to begin the removal of impurities. Next, the flow rate is accurately set through Russian birch wood charcoal to optimise the filtered, untainted spirit.

Freeze-Filtered at -18 °C

To ensure perfection, the spirit goes through our signature freeze-filtration process at -18˚C. The super-chilled spirit is then passed at an ultra-slow velocity through ion-charged filters and is allowed to rest.


The spirit is now ready to be bottled by hand. The distinctive bottle holds a visible luminosity as remarkable as the liquid inside. As one of the highest-rated white spirit in the world, the result is flawless clarity, a rolling mouthfeel and a presence in the glass unlike any other.


Pristine Water Series

Introduced in 2013 and each valued at US$3,000, this limited edition series explores how water from unique sources elevates the flavour of elit vodka. Water from each of the eponymous sources is then blended with Russian Alpha Spirit made from single-source grain, which is then freeze-filtered at -18°C.


Crystal clear water from the Colico Lake in the La Araucania region of Chile combines with the most exceptional Russian Alpha Spirit to craft the Andean edition. This limited edition spirit is the crown jewel of unique, terroir-based vodkas from the brand.


The Blue Spring in the Mamakau Ranges of New Zealand is the water source for this limited edition vodka. Each bottle is made of French crystal and is galvanized in jewelry-Palladium. The bottle is then wrapped with a leather cuff emulating the New Zealand silver fern.


Water from the Langtang National Park in the heart of the Himalayan Mountain Range combines with the finest winter wheat harvested from the Tambov region in Russia to make this special edition. Each bottle is made from hand-blown Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic and feature a gold-plated ice pick.



elit Vodka Night Edition is the first ever illuminated bottle for the brand. The stunning vessel was inspired by rare, natural night sky appearances, such as solar and lunar eclipses, and invites nightclubs and their patrons to celebrate nightlife and to “light your way.” The bottle comes in an elegant black matte version of the elit vodka bottle, which is modeled after the vodka’s unique freeze-filtration stage.