The 25 Best Vodka Brands to Buy Right Now with elit vodka

Here are 10 reasons to explore vodka’s classy side

Vodka is under-appreciated. Despite its ranking as the most popular spirit in the world, many alcohol connoisseurs still reach for whiskey or gin over vodka. But James Bond’s drink of choice deserves more attention.

Vodka has a classy side that’s brimming with premium brands ripe for sipping neat, drinking on the rocks or mixing in upgraded cocktails. If you’re a casual drinker, high-end vodka can help you make the best martinis, Moscow mules and screwdrivers on the block. If you’re a liquor buff, premium vodka is an untapped treasure trove of new flavors and brands.

But diving into the vodka world is about as intimidating as winter in Russia. To help out, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best high-end vodka brands, plus a few tips for vodka shopping.

What to Know Before Buying Vodka

Vodka variations aren’t as clear-cut as most liquors. However, there are a few pieces of information that connoisseurs use when differentiating vodkas and picking a new bottle.

Base Ingredient: Some vodka is still made from potatoes, corn or fruit, but the vast majority is made from grain such as wheat, rye or sorghum. Wheat is by far the most common. Ideally, a vodka label has their own wheat field, allowing total control over the growing process.

Water: Because vodka is so simple, the purity and source of the water used in vodka production are very important. This water is used during the dilution step of vodka production, bringing ABV down to bottle strength.

Flavoring: Flavored vodkas have blown-up over the past decade, but most of them are cheap and artificially flavored. High-end flavored vodkas, on the other hand, utilize top-notch flavoring process and ingredients such as aging in special barrels. These small tweaks go a long way.

Region: Russia and Poland are considered the old-school heavyweights of vodka production, but Sweden and France actually lead international vodka exportation by quite a lot. Other regions have boldly entered the foray as well, including Japan, Canada, Italy and the U.S. Origin is important information, as climate plays a role in vodka production – be it the fog of coastal California or the cold of Siberia.

4. Stoli Elit

You’re probably familiar with the now-iconic red bottle of the original Stolichnaya. Back in the Fifties, Stoli was one of the first Soviet vodkas to make a massive splash in America – so much so that after dissolution in Russia, the brand set up base in here in the U.S.

Regular Stoli is good. Stoli Elit is much better. This upgraded version utilizes winter wheat and a freeze filtering process inspired by the old Russian method of leaving casks outside in the freezing winter. This process works, creating a smooth, traditional vodka that should only be enjoyed straight and chilled.


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