Stoli® LGBTQ+ Efforts on Forbes

NEW YORK, USA – Today,  Stoli’s LGBTQ+ work was featured in Forbes, an outlet designed as a source of insight into the people, companies and technologies driving business and creating wealth today and in the future.

The placement, titled “Think Your Background Doesn’t Bear On Your Premium Alcohol Purchases? Think Again,” details how minority populations tend to choose alcohol brands that reflect their background. The article starts off describing higher income multicultural consumers’ alcohol consumption and moves on to describe the LGBTQ+ population’s buying power. The writer includes quotes from Lauren Longnecker about Stoli’s LGBTQ+ work and calls out Stoli’s approach as one other brands should emulate.

It says, “Though its dedicated LGBTQ+ brand ambassador, partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation and other activities, Stoli models a widely approved approach to ingratiating itself into a too-often overlooked segment of the market. Though Stoli focuses most on this one category, its actions can and should be adopted by other brands seeking to reach other non-traditional targets.

The article features one of Stoli’s Loud and Clear campaign images as the hero image with the caption, “Stoli Vodka, a spirit whose price point places it in the premium category, has led promotional campaigns for the LGBTQ+ community since the early 1990s.”

Read the full article here. Find the full press release here.