1 Jun 2023


Miguel Cedeño-Cruz Showcases his Global Experience in Critical Role

New York, NY – June 1st, 2023 – Stoli Group, a leading global ultra-premium spirits and wines company, is proud to introduce their extraordinary master distiller for Cenote™ Tequila, Miguel Cedeńo-Cruz. Cenote™ Tequila is Stoli’s ultra-premium 100% Agave Azul Tequila with a complex flavor profile that balances fragrant cooked agave with delicate wood notes. Cedeño-Cruz brings extensive experience, skill, and innovation to his role as master distiller in which he will be responsible for overseeing the production processes, quality control, and strategic development of the brand.

“A true visionary and master in tequila, as well as engineer, academic, author and consultant, Cedeño-Cruz combines his passion for science with his love for tequila,” commented Damian McKinney, Global CEO of Stoli Group. “Cedeño-Cruz is a legendary figure in the industry, and we are thrilled to have him join Cenote. We trust that he will protect the Cenote Tequila recipe and steer the product as the label continues to expand.”
Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Cedeño-Cruz has expansive knowledge of the tequila industry. His extensive experience includes serving as tequila manager at Diageo Mexico, president of several technical committees in the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), professor for the Alcohol School from Alltech Institute of Brewing and Distilling, master distiller for the Tequila National Chamber, developer of tequila brands for Sazerac and E&J Gallo (among others), operation director in Tequila Herradura and Brown-Forman, and Diageo contractor for sustainability projects.
“I have long admired Cenote,” explains Miguel Cedeño-Cruz. “I am thrilled to do my part to build and enhance such an outstanding product. I am most excited for consumers who have yet to experience Cenote, to get a taste of it, as it is incomparable in its excellence.”
An industry leader and skilled presenter, Cedeño-Cruz is tapped to speak at leading conferences around the globe including in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland. Of note, Cedeño-Cruz has presented the tequila process to world leaders including the presidents of Mexico (Felipe Calderon), the U.S. (Barack Obama), and Canada (Stephen Harper).
“Stoli Group is excited to begin this next chapter of the brand with the knowledge and expertise of Miguel Cedeño-Cruz,” McKinney concluded.

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