So this is what a $3,000 vodka tastes like: elit™ Vodka Pristine Water Series

NEW YORK, USA – To break down why a vodka cost $3000…

There’s real vodka history in the brand. Stoli, which recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, was the first company to import vodka into the U.S. It was the first brand with commercially available flavors. And it was the first vodka in space. Quality-wise, it’s also been recognized multiple times as the number one rated white spirit in the world.

It’s hard to find. elit only made 300 bottles of each of the three pristine water series expressions. Scarcity, y’all.

It’s made the way vodka is supposed to be made. In feudal times, Russians used to put their finest vodka in casks outside in very cold temperatures. The impurities would bind to the casks and freeze, and then the owners would filter the remaining vodka through cloth.

“We modernized that,” explains Lamberti. The brand uses a “freeze filtration chamber” to chill the spirit to negative 18 degrees Celsius, where it gets really thick and viscous, and then runs it through carbon filters. The shape of the bottle is actually based on the shape of the filtration chamber.

Speaking of how vodka is supposed to be, elit certainly has the right heritage: All the raw ingredients are sourced from farms Stoli owns in Russia, then shipped to Latvia, a former part of the Russian Empire.

Here’s the key ingredient — it’s in the water. According to Lamberti, there are five different ways to differentiate vodka: Where it’s from, what it’s made from, how it’s distilled, if/how it’s filtered and where it sources its water. The last one is important. “Think of it this way — 60 percent of every 80-proof spirit is water. And while water doesn’t affect other spirits as much, we’re dealing with a naked spirit here.”

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