elit® Vodka inaugurates the ELIT PROUN BAR at Milan Design Week 2018

MILAN, Italy – The ELIT PROUN BAR made its 2018 debut at the annual, highly acclaimed Wallpaper* Handmade, beneath the suitably dramatic, vaulted roof of the Mediateca Santa Teresa between 17th April to 21st April during Milan Design Week, before moving on to further cultural and design hubs including the Guggenheim Bilbao for The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards on June 19th.

The bar is brought to life by cutting edge architects, Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke, who channel the ceaseless spirit of El Lissitzky, his obsession with space and experimentation, with their own characteristic flair. Recalling their impactful commissions for Carsten Höller and Fondazione Prada, Frieze Art Fair, the V&A Museum, Anthony Gormley and Julian Opie, their practice straddles the worlds of art, culture and heritage.

“It’s been a dream to work on a project inspired by one of my all time design heroes, El Lissitzky. Since I was a student I’ve returned again and again to his work in my own practice. For me, in his work, lie the origins of contemporary design.  Between elit Vodka’s vision and Carmody Groarke’s dedication to craft, the ELIT PROUN BAR will be a key destination during this year’s Salone del Mobile.” – Wallpaper* Brand & Content Director, Tony Chambers

“Our response as architects was to propose a building in miniature. Tall ingots of mill-finished aluminium are closely stacked together to create the clustered form. It is a piece of abstract architectural composition that relies on a sculptural relationship between form and material rather than function.” – Kevin Carmody and Andy Groarke of Carmody Groarke

“We wanted to communicate the origins of the brand, its artistic spirit and its dedication to craft in a way that would speak directly to today’s sophisticated tastemakers. It has been a thrill to work with Carmody Groarke, whose fantastic vision and interpretation of El Lissitzky’s Proun Series feels like we’re serving up a future design classic.” – Hugues Pietrini, Global CEO, Stoli Group


At Salone, elit Vodka brought to new life major key milestones in the history of the Russian avant-garde in the form of never-been-sipped before cocktails served at the launch.

Leading with “Victory over the Sun” – the cocktail is inspired by a modern Opera, first performed in 1913, that is widely considered to be the birthplace of the Russian avant-garde. Russian avant-garde artist Malevich led the stage design for the original production while in 1920 Lissitzky, our muse, re-imagined it once more in a revival that same year.

The “Victory over the Sun” cocktail, created by Solomia Grystychyn, reimagines its origins in various theatrical guises, decoratively nodding to the age of the machine and before artificial intelligence.


“Victory over the sun” by elit Vodka

A glowing sun of cranberry tea and agave syrup suspended over elit Vodka and ginger beer.

  • 30ml lemon juice infused with dried fruits and cranberry tea
  • 20 ml agave syrup
  • 50 ml elit
  • Ginger beer on top
  • Built on ice
  • Garnish: some edible, architectural small flowers and glinting metallics


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