8 New Tequilas to Try Right Now with Villa One

From celeb collabs to ultra-aged bottlings, these are the new tequilas you should be drinking.

It’s no longer just a question of whether to mix tequila into a Margarita or a Paloma (although frankly, we’ll order one of each, thanks). Today, the question to ask is: What type of tequila? The varieties seem to be ever-widening and, in some cases, blurring.

For those who love crisp, bracing blancos, a growing number of celebrities are adding their names to the labels. Some are even a two-for-one deal, as with Santo (Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri) and Villa One (Nick Jonas and John Varvatos). In terms of reposados, Partida has introduced a single-barrel reserve, a designation once seen only on whiskey bottlings.

And for those who enjoy longer-aged añejos or even extra añejos, the category has grown ever more luxe. The emphasis on “ultra-premium” bottles in the tequila space has resulted in some pricey bottles but also some that are remarkably delicious, including new entrants from Gran Centenario, El Tesoro and Patrón. With some bottles holding spirits aged 10 or even 15 years, these are special occasion sippers, to be sure.

Villa One Silver ($45)

This newcomer is backed by singer/songwriter Nick Jonas and menswear designer John Varvatos. While it may be tempting to write it off as just another celeb tequila, it sips light and clean, with mellow hints of almond, coconut and clove heat.

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