Loch Lomond Whiskies

The original Loch Lomond Distillery dates back to 1814, sited at the north end of Loch Lomond. The current distillery was first commissioned by the Littlemill Distilling Company in 1964; it fell silent in 1984, then resumed malt production in 1987 under new ownership. When the Grain distillery opened in 1994, it was the only distillery in Scotland producing both Grain and Malt whisky.

Loch Lomond Distillery has the ability and self-sufficiency to produce special edition whisky, including single grain whisky and deluxe blends.

The uniqueness of our three pot stills lies in their cylindrical necks, which contain special distillation trays that allow for greater contact with the cooling alcohol vapour, making the process more efficient. They can produce alcohol up to 90% ABV, where normal stills deliver the alcohol at around 70% ABV. This style of still allows for different ‘flavour notes’ to be captured and emphasised through the range of alcohol strengths that can be captured and rejected. This is much more difficult to achieve through a conventional pot still.

Loch Lomond is one of only four distilleries in Scotland that has their cooperage on site, ensuring that barrel repairs and charring are carried out to an exacting standard. Every year, around 10,000 barrels have the metal hoops replaced to tighten them, so the angels’ share doesn’t become any larger.

We’re proud to maintain ancient traditions and skills. But we’re not averse to new ideas… If they help us make great whisky.

Loch Lomond Original

Loch Lomond Original single malt whisky is carefully matured, before being married in the finest oak casks for the perfect harmony of flavour and aroma. The result is an elegant and full-bodied whisky with a smoothness that makes it exceptionally easy to drink. A single malt scotch whisky with a distinctive background character, with a hint of smoke and peat.

Loch Lomond Reserve

This unique premium blended scotch whisky contains both malt and grain whisky, distilled and matured on the banks of Loch Lomond in the very heart of Scotland. Each barrel is selected for its character and maturity, then expertly blended to create a well-balanced whisky that delivers a perfectly smooth finish.

Loch Lomond Signature

Loch Lomond Signature is a deluxe blended whisky, which after a long and slow maturation, is then married and conditioned in our 100-barrel cask solera. The solera system combines Olorosso sherry casks and American Oak casks that have been recharred to create an intensity and smoothness unique to Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond 12 Year Old

This exquisite 12-year-old single malt has a deep fruity character of peach and pear, layered with a vanilla sweetness and the characteristic hints of peat and smoke found in Loch Lomond whiskies. Aged in three types of cask – bourbon, refill and re-charged – these whiskies are brought together delivering a perfectly balanced single malt.

Loch Lomond 18 Year Old

Our 18 Year Old has been maturing in the finest oak barrels chosen by our master cooper. Time and nature have been allowed to bring out the sweeter character of the wood, with a subtle characteristic hint of peat and smoke ensuring a well-balanced finish. Loch Lomond 18 Year Old is non chill-filtered, to keep things just as nature intended.

Inchmurrin 12 Year Old

Our master distiller selects individual casks matured exclusively in traditional American Oak whisky barrels, before marrying them together for a further maturation in casks that have previously been used for making fortified Madeira wine. The Madeira cask finish enhances the orchard fruit character of peach and pear with marzipan and nutmeg, and gives a dry nuttiness to the long, oak finish.

Inchmurrin Madeira Wood

It is somewhat fitting that the ‘grassy isle’ lends its name to this exquisite 12-year-old single malt. Unique as the island itself with grassy notes and floral hints of pear drops, crème caramel, soft fruits, vanilla and fudge. Aged in three hand-selected types of cask – bourbon, refill and recharred – these whiskies are then married together in a balance known only to our master distiller. Non-chill filtered to allow the whisky’s natural characteristics to shine through.

Inchmurrin 18 Year Old

Named after an island rich in meadow and woodland, our 18 Year Old has a strong oak character, with hints of summer grass, tropical fruit and zesty citrus notes. Our master cooper carefully selected the finest casks to mature the liquid for a minimum of 18 years, allowing time and nature to bring out the sweet character of the wood. Inchmurrin 18 Year Old is non-chill filtered to keep things just as nature intended.

Single Grain

Single Grain is an elegant and full-bodied single grain with a smoothness that makes it exceptionally easy to drink. A single grain scotch whisky with a distinctive background character of soft fruits and creamy vanilla, with a hint of smoke and peat. Perfect any time over ice or with a hint of water.

Inchmoan 12 Year Old

Inchmoan 12 Year Old single malt is born from a combination of malt whiskies from our traditional swan neck pot still and our unique straight neck pot still, to create an unconventional peat character with a lot of depth marrying smoke and spiciness.

It is matured for 12 years in a mix of recharred American Oak and refill bourbon American Oak casks, giving sweet vanilla background notes that complement the soft peat style of Loch Lomond’s unique still set up.

Inchmoan 1992

This exceptional Inchmoan single malt whisky was exclusively distilled in 1992 from Scotland’s finest ingredients in our unique straight neck pot still and collected at a high ABV strength of 83%. The long maturation in refill bourbon barrels allows the spice-driven peat and fruit distillery character to combine with the softer influence of refill bourbon barrels to give a truly integrated, refined flavour. The result is an elegant and rich single malt, with a beautiful balance of fruit and spicy peat.