The genesis of the Stoli® Group – formally established in 2013 – passes through the history of SPI Group. In its’ 21 years, SPI group has been extremely active and has expanded through a number of strategic acquisitions and business consolidations.


Stoli’s first trademark is registered. Many consider this to be the birth year of the iconic brand.


The historic Latvijas Balzams located in Riga, Latvia, starts bottling Stoli.


The origins of the iconic label date back to the state-run competition to establish a new design for Stoli.


Stoli wins a gold medal at the Brussels World Fair & International Exhibition.


Stoli introduces the first commercially produced flavoured vodkas: a pepper vodka called Pertzsovka and a honey and herb flavour called Okhotnichya.


Stoli vodka wins another gold at the Leipziger Messe World Fair. Together with the medal from 1958, these awards are now iconic symbols featured on the label.


PepsiCo gets exclusive rights to import Stoli vodka into the US market. Americans can finally quench their thirst for the exquisite spirit.


Alexei Leonov offered a tube of Stoli Vodka to the Americans on the Apollo mission when they docked with Soyuz 19.


Stoli launches Limonnaya, the first lemon-flavoured vodka.


Stoli creates the super-premium vodka category by releasing Stolichnaya Cristall.


Stoli begins to advertise in the gay press and starts to get involved with the LGBT community.


Stoli vodka launches Vanil, Peachik, Razberi, Kafya, Zinamon and Strasberi vodkas.


elit vodka redefines the upper echelon of ultra-luxury vodka and sets a new benchmark for excellence.


Stoli vodka is made exclusively with Alpha spirit and the Alpha grade is the highest quality of distilled spirit according to Russian state standards. So much so, the Russian government introduced the classification to recognise the Stoli achievement.

Stoli launches Stoli Blueberi with a creamy mouthfeel, a buttery grain character and notes of eucalyptus.


Because of changes in Russian laws, Stoli begins to export the raw Alpha spirit from Russia to Latvia to filter, blend and bottle the final product.


Stoli Group USA is established, with in house marketing and distribution teams running a bespoke importation and distribution platform.


Stoli introduces Stoli Ginger Beer, the perfect pairing with Stoli Premium.


Bayou Rum joins the Stoli Group portfolio at the start of the year. Stoli launches gluten-free vodka with individual batch numbers on the label and launches Stoli Crushed.


Kentucky Owl Bourbon is the latest brand to join Stoli Group.


Stoli Group brings Cenote, an ultra-premium tequila, into the global market. In the same year, Se Busca Mezcal is also launched.